Topics in machine vision

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Once again, I've forgotten to announce a sub-site I created recently that I call Topics in Machine Vision (click here), back on August 28th.

Unlike my earlier Introduction to Machine Vision, it does not set out to give a broad overview of the subject matter. Instead, it's geared toward the researcher with at least some familiarity with the subject. Also, whereas I intended the introduction to stand complete on its own, Topics is more organic, meaning that I'll continue to add content to it as time passes.

Knowing that this could get to be difficult to read and manage, I've broken down Topics into separate sections and pages. The first section I've fleshed out is on the Patch Equivalence concept I introduced in an earlier blog entry here. In fact, once I introduced this topic in detail, I went back and ran some experiments in application of the PE concept to stereo vision and published the results, including tons of example images that demonstrate both the strengths and weaknesses of my implementation at the time.

I intend to tackle plenty of other topics, including generic views, lighting effects, and application of the memory-prediction model, for instance.


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