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Coherence and ambiguities in problem solving

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a big topic. One I come back to again and again when I have time to explore it. Work has kept me very busy. So has moving. In recent months I've returned to the topic. I made some interesting progress constructing an "NLP pipeline". But as anyone who has done NLP work will tell you, English is full of ambiguities. They may tell you about the approaches they take to reduce the ambiguity and be decisive in the end. But the ambiguities persist and can't simply be guessed away. The problem More importantly though. The ambiguities often require us as humans to look across levels of interpretation to resolve. I generally have not found AI researchers offering a good way of doing this though. To illustrate my problem, consider this sentence: Some guys' shoes' laces are red. As someone literate in English you have no problem interpreting it. But odds are good you can guess where the ambiguity lies. Looked at in isolation, each of t