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Back in the saddle / C# neural network demo

I felt like I was making good progress back in 2016 in my AI research. But I realized it was not going to turn into an income-yielding venture anytime soon. So I moved on to other ventures. This was during a sabbatical from "real work". I eventually gave up and got a real job again. While that job pays reasonably well, it's also fairly boring. Kira and I moved from Madison to Miami this year. For various reasons I decided to do a YouTube channel for a while to give my impressions of life here. That was fun for a while Recently I got somewhat bored with that and put it on hold. I was in a bit of a funk about what I should do with my free time when I'm not doing my regular work. I decided to resume my AI research. I've been dipping my toes in this week. Reading back on my own blog to reconnect with my most recent project. I decided to start into the subject of artificial neural networks (ANNs) again. I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I never wrote a traditi