Machine vision: hierarchy of regions

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Following is another in my series of ad hoc journal entries I've been keeping of my thoughts on machine vision.

One thing that most of us in MV don't want to admit is that we arbitrarily set thresholds for distinguishing where one thing ends and another begins. I don't think we work that way, per se. I'd like to see edge- or color-blob-finding techniques having varying thresholds. One use would be in finding large regions with high thresholds, then using ever narrower thresholds to find the sub-regions within the broader ones.

In a similar vain, I'm considering using low-res images to find homogeneous-color blobs in image Rich textures can disappear when the resolution is low, leaving just the overall color. A field of grass, for example, becomes a solid sheet of green. Once the field is isolated, it can be scrutinized in finer detail to see if there's something small that's of interest in it.


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